Everybody is welcome here. Providing access to all is our ultimate goal and we plan to implement that by 2025.

Our cabins were built by others 16 years ago when accessibility was not commonly factored into design. The small footprint of the cabin does not currently allow a wheelchair or walking frame to move around freely. However we are excitedly planning a bathroom renovation and other accessible features to ensure everyone can experience The Woods – falling asleep to the ocean roar; waking up to the calls of the bush.

Below is a list of some simple measures that are in place that may help those without full mobility.

Please talk to us about what you need to feel comfortable and welcome in our space.

  • Handrail at each cabin entrance.
  • The outdoor kitchen has an extra wide door 110cm. All outdoor furniture is moveable to create extra space.
  • All pathways are completely flat with a fine crushed rock surface, without any steps.
  • Wide firepit area allowing space to move around. One side has a permanent rock seating and the other side is left open with moveable chairs.
  • Sensor lights fitted on the outside of each cabin and along the pathways to enable safe passage at night.
  • Cabin 1 – Queen bed in the middle of the room, providing space down each side of the bed to move around freely.
  • Cabin 2 – Queen bed and single bed, providing an extra bed for a support person or carer close by.
  • Car park is fully accessible with plenty of space for larger vehicles. The carparking area is flat and located within close proximity to the cabins (10m – 20m.)
  • All plates and appliances stored in lower cupboards rather than overhead, and other items easily relocated on request.
  • On request we can arrange a rubber entrance ramp for the lip of the front door, and a moveable bath seat for the outdoor bath. There is plenty of space on one side of the bath for manoeuvring.

Current limitations:

  • Three steps at the entrance to each cabin.
  • Small bathrooms measuring 1.8m long by 0.9m wide.
  • Standard front door opening of 80cm.
  • Rugs on the floors.