The Woods grace the pages of Women’s Weekly

Thrilled that our cabins have graced the pages of this month’s Women’s Weekly.

The travel experts hand picked an inspiring destination from each state, highlighting the Aussie gems in our backyard. Exciting to see the Bellarine Peninsula has a seat at the board table alongside Noosa and Kangaroo Island! (Thanks to great work by @visitgeelongbellarine!)

So if a magazine that’s been running for over 100 years says that you absolutely must book a girls’ weekend at The Woods, who are you to disagree?

Rally your people, find a date and start lusting over our wineries, boutiques, beaches and restaurants. We have an amazing itinerary ready for your visit.

Do you agree that there’s literally nothing that fills your cup more than a girls weekend? The laughs, the relatable chats and the personal space (sorry family!) is nourishing and necessary for one’s soul.

So I’m heading away in a few months with my ladies (and yes it took at least 1050 WhatsApp messages to find a date that worked… familiar story?) But just having that date in the diary helps me to breathe and makes Omicron mutating seem about as significant as a rock garden.

Published pics by @marniehawson and @tommystays_

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