A little lesson in history

People often ask if we built the cabins ourselves. In some ways I wish we did, so we that we could claim the charming little cabins as our own work! Not the case though. Instead, the kudos goes to the lads from the Gordon TAFE  in Geelong, who built them as part of their carpentry pre-apprenticeship. Now this is nearly 15 years ago, so I’m sure the young whipper-snappers are now qualified tradies building full-sized homes.

What a fantastic project to start honing their skills on. Although just a studio, each of the cabins needed every element that a proper house would; framing, plastering, tiling, plumbing, cabinetry, electrical, decking and so on.

Once complete, the two cabins were thrown on the back of a truck (although I’m sure the logistics were not as casual as that), transported to Ocean Grove and then craned on to their current day resting place, nestled in the bush. Voila! The native garden has grown up and around the cabins over more than 10 years, making it the most charming space. The two words that feature on most pages of our guest book are, ‘peaceful’ and ‘tranquil’, which I definitely agree with. Especially if you’re coming from the city. There’s a whole lotta’ tranquility here in comparison.

The cabins have had various facelifts over the years (painting, decorating….more decorating…did you know that I love cushions?). Later this year we are planning to renovate the outdoor kitchen so it’s more open and modern, as well as some fancy landscaping including a new firepit area, alfresco dining area and rejuvenated garden.

So that’s the history of our two cabins in The Woods. We hope you come see for yourself soon!